The Olive Tree

Shown - Friday 23rd February

Spain | 2016 | 100 mins | Cert 15

Comedy, Drama

Spain, the present. Twenty-year old Alma has always been deeply attached to her grandfather Ramón, but the old chap hasn’t spoken for twelve years, ever since her father sold the family's ancient olive tree to raise money to open a restaurant. Everyday he visits the site where the tree used to be, hoping for its return. Unable to bear Ramón's sadness any longer, Alma persuades her uncle Alcachofa and her friend Rafa to help her track the tree down, starting a journey that leads to unexpected consequences for everyone...

It turns out there are many more ways than one to uproot a tree in The Olive Tree, an earthy, quietly stirring Spanish fable that finds familial, regional and environmental grievances inseparably tangled in its branches. The third collaboration between Madrid-born helmer Iciar. Guy Lodge, Variety, February 2017

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