Common People

Shown - Friday 24th November

UK | 2014 | 89 mins | Cert 12

Drama, Comedy

Six stories of disparate Londoners become intertwined when they encounter an escaped parrot in this bitter-sweet tale of love, loss and life on a London common. With raw, funny, and compelling performances from a talented ensemble of actors aged seven to seventy, Common People touches on many of the issues affecting ordinary people today in a heartfelt, poignant and ultimately uplifting celebration of everyday humanity.

Common People is a rare gem, the kind that makes you thrilled to have discovered it. With no real expectations I started to watch this wonderful film, expecting a gentle reflective hour and a half - but Common People is so much more than that. With beautiful performances and a quiet firmness it pushes you to an understanding of human motive and love that is intensely moving and highly rewarding. I recommend this so highly. Stephen Fry

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