Burn, Burn, Burn

Shown - Friday 23rd March

UK | 2016 | 106 mins | Cert 15

Comedy, Drama

UK, the present. Twenty-something Londoners Seph and Alex attend the funeral of their best friend Dan. They learn that his dying wish was that the pair should go on a road trip across Britain to scatter his ashes in locations important to him, for reasons he will give in videos which he asks them to watch en route. But as the journey progresses,it becomes clear that Dan is hoping to settle more than just his own final resting places….

Chanya Button's directorial debut is a road trip movie about life and death that boasts a real depth of emotional intelligence, while still having a great sense of humour about itself. The title is taken from a passage in Jack Kerouac's seminal Beat novel 'On the Road' that describes the excitement life should bring, especially if you surround yourself with eccentric souls. Button and screenwriter Charlie Covell capture late 20s ennui wonderfully through their fully realised main characters, who are both experiencing existential crises. Katherine McLaughlin, The List, October 2016

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